Custom$ave Energy Efficiency Rebates for Businesses

Danville Utilities Custom$ave Commercial Energy Efficiency Program is designed to promote energy efficiency by offering technical assistance and custom rebates while working one-on-one with qualifying commercial and industrial customers who install new energy-efficient equipment. 

How does Custom$ave Work? 
Lighting Rebates

For replacing or improving existing inefficient equipment or systems, you may earn a rebate of $175 per kilowatt (kW) reduction in electric demand. You may also earn an additional $50 per kW controlled by installing new energy efficiency enhancements (such as lighting occupancy sensors). See our Lighting Rebate Application for custom lighting projects. 

Examples of equipment that may be eligible for rebates are energy efficient new lighting fixtures, lighting occupancy sensors, electric motors, variable frequency drives, refrigeration, energy managements systems, and just about anything else that uses electricity more efficiently and reduces or controls electric load at your facility!

HVAC & Insulation Rebates

In addition to receiving rebates for energy efficiency projects which reduce kW demand, business customers can now receive rebates for installing new energy efficient heating & air equipment or adding insulation at your business! Multiple rebate levels are available for energy efficient commercial HVAC equipment, rebates are based on the size (in tons) of the new heating & air equipment. For full HVAC rebate information, see our HVAC Rebate Application

Also, now receive rebates for adding attic, ceiling or wall insulation at your business as well! Receive $0.15 per square foot of insulation added to your attic or ceiling, $0.35 per square foot of insulation added to exterior walls and $0.30 per square foot added to floors or crawlspaces. 

For more details on eligible equipment, efficiency requirements and rebate amounts, check out the rebate applications below 

Eligibility Requirements
Get Started

 Qualifying customers just need to contact Janet C. Davis, Key Accounts Manager, at 434-857-3312 or via email to discuss a possible project or for any questions. Danville Utilities will work with you to schedule a preliminary energy analysis or discuss your project details, including the scope of work, quantified energy savings and project costs. For program eligibility details and full terms & conditions, click here.

After initial contact, Danville Utilities will prepare a program application and incentive agreement for your signature specific to your project. 

Funding Availability 

Rebate funding is limited and is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Rebates are capped at $20,000 per customer. Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. Danville Utilities does not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. Danville Utilities makes no express or implied warranties of these products.

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