My Account Frequently Asked Questions


How can I pay my bill online through the portal?

Customers can pay with a credit card, debit card, or eCheck online. Select the “Bills & Payments" tab and click the green “Pay My Bill" icon. If you are a commercial customer, please note that the City currently charges a small convenience fee for paying with a credit card, debit card, or eCheck. Remember that it takes 3 to 5 business days for us to receive those funds, so if you are in danger of disconnect, make sure you call 434-799-5155 option 1 and leave your confirmation number and amount paid on the voicemail. We check the voicemail several times per day.

The payment portal times out before I can complete my payment. What should I do?

Try clearing the cache in your browser. If that doesn't work, you can make your payment directly in the Paymentus website: https://ipn.paymentus.com/rotp/cod

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

Yes, call 888-918-1140. Remember that it takes 3 to 5 business days for us to receive those funds, so if you are in danger of disconnect, make sure you call 434-799-5155 option 1 and leave your confirmation number and amount paid on the voicemail. We check the voicemail several times per day.

I just paid my bill online, but my payment isn't reflected on the transactions screen.

Payments made online are not posted real-time. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the payment to show.

Do the cashiers accept debit or credit card payments?

No, they do not. However, there is an ATM as well as a kiosk that accepts credit and debit card payments in the lobby of the Charles H. Harris Financial Service Center.

What is the difference between my account number and my customer number?

The first 10 digits are your account number. The 8 digits after the dash (-) are your customer number.

Where are my account number, customer number, and meter number located on my utility bill?

Account number and customer number are located on page 1 of your utility bill.Bill Image

Meter number is located on page 3 of your utility bill.Bill Image

How long do I have to pay my bill before being disconnected?

You have 35 days from the original due date, including weekends and holidays.

How do I sign up for paperless billing?

Under the "Profile" tab, select "My Profile". On this screen you will see an option that will allow you to switch between electronic and paper bills.

I tried to view a bill but am receiving a message that it is not available online. Why?

Any bill generated prior to the date you signed up for paperless billing cannot be displayed online.

How will I know when my latest electronic bill is available on the site?

You will receive an email with the subject line, "Your Danville Utilities ebill is Ready" on the day your bill is available for viewing.

I need to update my preferred payment method information (such as credit card expiration date) on the payment screen. How can I do this?

You cannot directly edit a saved method of payment. Just add a new payment method with the correct information and check "Use this payment method for future payments".

Do you have an email address so I can email you for further needs?

Yes, our email address is customerservice@danvilleva.gov.

What do I need to bring with me to start services?

Please bring your lease or proof of ownership, ID, and social security number. If opening a business account, bring an IRS form with the EIN #, proof of ownership of business or Letter of Authorization on company letterhead for the person starting the account, and lease or proof of ownership.

I live out of town. How can I set up my utility account?

You can email us at customerservice@danvilleva.gov with your lease or proof of ownership, phone number, and mailing address. We suggest that you fax a copy of your ID and social security number, as email isn't always secure. Our fax number is (434) 797-9975.

How much is my deposit?

Security deposits are based on an amount equivalent to twice the average monthly bill for the service location, based on the most recent 12-month billing average under the intended use. A minimum deposit amount will be used for residential accounts with no available customer history, or if the subject property has been vacant or in a different use during the past year. The minimum amount calculation takes into account that renters deal with a variety of housing circumstances and that, in some cases, the landlord pays for certain services and the tenant for others. Deposits for residential customers shall be no less than the minimum amounts listed here and no more than $750 per service location.

What day is my trash picked up?

Contact Public Works at (434) 799-5245, or visit the Danville Waste Removal map.

I have moved and have a new account number. Do I need to create a new username and password for the portal?

No, you can use your existing portal account. You can add your new utility account information by going to the "Account List" tab, which is under the “Profile" tab. Simply add your new account number and meter number here.

I have multiple accounts. How can I view them all from the portal?

Under the "Profile" tab, select the "Account List" tab. Simply add additional Account Numbers with associated Meter Numbers and select "+Add Account"

Why is my gas usage showing as null in the summer months?

If you only use gas to heat your house, you would not be consuming any gas during the warm months.

How can I sign up for level pay (equal pay) or a bank draft plan?

Please visit Customer Accounts located in the Charles H. Harris Financial Center, 311 Memorial Drive, or call (434) 799-5155.

I just added insulation to my attic and installed replacement windows. How can I tell if they are making a difference on my utility bill?

Click on the "Consumption" tab and open the "My Events" information area. Add the date and description of any event that may impact your bill to help you track the future results.

I have multiple accounts, and I want my primary residence account to show as the default when I log into the portal. How do I do this?

Select the "Profile" tab, then select "Account List". Click on the favorite (heart) button next to the account that you want to be the default.

My power was out due to an outage. Will I get a discount?

No. When your power is out due to an outage, you are not consuming any usage.

How do I report a power line down or on a tree?

Call the Power and Light Division at (434) 799-5270.

I had a water leak. Will I get an adjustment?

You will need to contact Inspections at (434) 799-5263; however, we do not adjust accounts due to a leaking toilet or running faucet.

I have to fill my pool. Will I have to pay for wastewater?

Yes, unless you have a separate water tap and separate water meter for water only.

Can I get a rebate for replacing windows, water heater, etc.?

Visit us online at https://www.danvilleutilities.com/resources/ways-to-save.html to see if your improvement qualifies for a rebate.

Who do I contact for a faulty equipment claim?

Contact Power and Light Engineering at (434) 799-5268 ext. 2035.

Who do I contact if I would like an outdoor light or if my outdoor light is out?

Call Power and Light Engineering at (434) 799-5268.

Can I receive a notification if my power goes out?

Yes, you can sign up to receive a text or email notification when your account has experienced a power outage. Under the "Profile" tab, select the "Notifications" tab.

Who can I contact to get assistance in paying my bill?

You may contact Danville Social Services at (434) 799-6548 to see if you qualify for assistance.

Smart Meter tab: How can I see my hourly consumption for a specific date?

On the Daily Consumption screen, make sure the date that you want is included in the range of dates. Then on the graph, click on the specific day in question to bring up hourly consumption data for that date.

How can I provide feedback on the site?

Please use the "How can we make this page better?" comment field at the bottom of each page.

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