Danville Utilities Power Outage Map

When viewing the Outage Map, you may see Circles () that indicate further detail.

Each circle and associated number, indicates a "Group" of customer reported outages beneath it.

A group could be several outages within a small geographic area.

By zooming in, using the '+' sign in the bottom right corner of the map, you will be able to see the associated triangle indicators referred to by the Circle.

Triangles indicate a single outage cause, that may be affecting multiple customers, which is indicated by the color of the triangle itself (see Legend).

By clicking on the specific triangle (), you will receive detailed outage information indicating the time the first call was received, the number of calls received in that area, and the streets affected by that particular cause.

For single customer reported outages or low numbers of affected customers you should see the triangle indicator very close to your actual google map position.

When multiple groups (triangles) are associated to a much larger cause (such as across multiple geographical areas), then the triangle will be placed in a more centralized location.

You should still be able to find your street name in the list provided in the details.

** The outage Map only reflects reported outages by customers.
** Note: Outage maps do not typically show single outages as specific locations for security purposes.

Outage Map Legend
Last Updated:
  • level 1 1-50 Customers Out
  • level 2 51-500 Customers Out
  • level 3 501-5,000 Customers Out
  • level 4 >5,000 Customers Out

Only power outages that have been confirmed by our operations team are shown on the map.

If you have recently reported an outage it may not show on the map until we have confirmed it as a power outage that requires one of our crews to restore.

If your outage is not showing please be patient as our operations folks may be busy assisting other customers.

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